Domestic Electric Heating Elements

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Domestic Products

Instananeous electric showers, water heaters, domestic ovens and ranges, heated food trolleys and hot trays, hot tubs and spas, saunas, immersion heaters, tumble dryers...

Wire wound ceramic

WIre wound ceramic
firelighter element


8mm dia Incoloy element for
domestic sauna heater

8mm dia Incoloy spa
pool heater

Nickel Chrome open spiral
fan heater element

Copper instantaneous water
heater elements, 6.3mm or
8mm diameter


Copper sheathed instant
electric shower assembly for
domestic use

Nickel plated Copper coiled
element for water heating applications

9.8kW Copper sheathed electric shower element assembly

Copper, Incoloy and Titanium
domestic immersion elements

Copper electric shower element
assembly, domestic

6.3mm dia copper instant
shower element assembly
*Incoloy® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation group of Companies